Claudia standing in front of the ¡Salud! sign
Claudia Abney, Administrative Coordinator & Community Outreach, ¡Salud! Services | Photo credit: Easton Richmond

Your Support Saves Lives!

When Julio* mentioned at a wellness clinic that his eye was dry and painful, Claudia called a local eye clinic to get it checked out. When it came time for the appointment, Claudia accompanied Julio.

A nationally certified healthcare interpreter, Claudia facilitated the appointment for Julio ensuring he had a chance to ask questions about the diagnosis: he needed surgery.

While Julio had insurance, after his procedure he still faced a major medical bill. Unable to work for several months, Julio was unsure how he would pay, and the debt weighed on him. Claudia helped him apply for financial assistance, spending hours gathering documents and filling out forms. Claudia also called the provider to advocate on Julio’s behalf and was able to get the doctor’s fee waived. Today, Julio’s bill has been granted 100% financial assistance.

Julio and his wife have a child with special needs who requires round-the-clock care. Without income for several months, Julio’s family was unable to afford groceries for a time. ¡Salud! was able to provide a grocery gift card, personally delivered by Claudia, to ensure Julio’s recovery from surgery was as smooth as possible and his family was taken care of. Claudia also connected them to nearby food banks, so they always had someone to call.

*Names changed

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