Employee Giving Power of Particpation

Be a life saver! Help us raise funds for a new mammography van.

Starting October 1, 2018 Tuality Employees can make a donation to the Employee Giving Campaign.

All gifts count, regardless of the amount. What matters most is your participation! It shows our patients, families and communities that we are committed to their health and wellness. Big or small, every gift contributes to a better experience for those we serve. Thank you for giving!

How to Give:

  • Payroll Deduction
  • Credit Card
  • Check: Write your check to Tuality Healthcare Foundation. Send it via interoffice mail or drop it off at the Foundation’s first floor office in the Tuality Health Education Center (THEC).
  • Donate PLH (Paid Leave Hours): During open enrollment each fall, you may elect to donate unused PLH (Paid Leave Hours) to the Tuality Healthcare Foundation. Your donation will be made the following June. Call 503-681-1804.

Where to give:

Check out programs that need your support.

Fundraising events: Have fun while raising funds to support Tuality Healthcare.

Check out other programs you can support here