The Leola story
Leola Kalamau with daughter Shaddie

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Leola’s Story

As a 35-year-old widowed mother of four children, Leola Kalamau juggled family and work. Life was so hectic she couldn’t find time to get a mammogram. It could take half of a work day to get a mammogram considering travel, waiting room and screening time.

When Tuality’s mobile mammography van came to Leola’s workplace, it was easy for her to step outside her office on her coffee break to get a mammogram.

She received a phone call the day after her mammogram with news that her results were abnormal. Further testing led to a diagnosis of breast cancer. In Leola’s words, “Without Tuality and the mammography van, my diagnosis might have been a lot worse—and caught a lot later. I might not be here today if not for them.”