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Employee Scholarships

The Hillsboro Medical Center Foundation Scholarship Committee distributes funds of various amounts to selected employee applicants pursuing health-related careers.

Scholarship applications are accepted four times per year and are available to any current Hillsboro Medical Center employee who:

  • has worked within the Hillsboro Medical Center system for at least one year; and
  • is enrolled in an educational program or wishes to attend a workshop, seminar or any continuing education program, or wishes to receive certification or re-certification; and
  • has an objective to advance within the Hillsboro Medical Center organization.

Employee Scholarships are funded by the following sources:

The Helen Schoen Scholarship Fund was established by Herman Schoen in 1989 to recognize the outstanding nursing care his wife received while a patient at Hillsboro Medical Center (formerly Tuality Community Hospital). The Helen Schoen Scholarship provides funds for employees involved in direct patient care who seek to enhance their education in health-related careers.

The Dr. R.E. Hutchinson Health Scholarship Fund was established by the Board of Directors to honor Dr. Hutchinson’s commitment to Hillsboro Medical Center and the community. Scholarships from this fund are directed specifically to employees pursuing further education and training in a medical position.

The Jane Kay Pitts Nursing Scholarship Fund provides a way for Hillsboro Medical Center employees to pursue educational opportunities in the nursing field. Established through generous donations in memory of Jane Kay Pitts by family and friends, this fund pays tribute to her dedication to the nursing field and the community.

The Judy Browning Memorial Scholarship was established by Bob Browning and his family in memory of his wife, Judy Browning, who was cared for at Hillsboro Medical Center (formerly Tuality Community Hospital). Funds are used for continuing education seminars and classes for non-managerial, hands-on patient care clinic staff.

Volunteer Services Scholarships are drawn from funds generated by various fundraisers conducted by our hospital volunteers. They are awarded to employees who are pursuing studies that will enhance their knowledge and skills, and contribute to the high quality of health care in our community. Scholarships are available to all Hillsboro Medical Center employees and are not restricted to those involved in direct patient care.

The Melba Krausnick Nursing Scholarship was established by Melba’s family in 2007. Melba was a volunteer at Tuality Community Hospital for 37 years. This scholarship is available to employees with nursing-related educational needs.

If you are a Hillsboro Medical Center employee seeking further information on employee scholarship eligibility and application, please visit the Hillsboro Medical Center Foundation page on TualiPedia.